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Not all businesses can afford powerful yet extremily expensive systems but not business can afford not to modernize its processes and we are here to make that possible.

Experience matters

We’ll implement any of the support systems on your servers. Or on our own servers with the added advantage that we’ll manage the application.


Choose the applicaitons(s) you want to implement in your organization.

Local Vs Cloud

Chose either to implement in your own server or in our cloud services.


We'll implement the software as per your requirements


We are here to help you making the most out of these solutions.

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ERPnext is an ERP that can bring digitalization accross all the departments on a company with the added advantage of deep integration between each department from using the same base system.


ZAMMAD is a next-gen client support system for organizations that would like to have a ticket-based support system able to integrate with Voice Systems, even if not a requirement for ZAMMAD

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LiveZilla is as live-chat and ticket based support software that can be integrated in any website. It’s simple yet with advanced features that¬† allow you to support your customers with ease.

It has the added advantage of having desktop an mobile apps that you can install accross your organization.

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Hands on Administration

We'll administer the software and help on-boarding your staff.


We're always monitoring all applications to make sure they are available. Software is only great when its working.

Software Updates

We'll keep the software updated making sure its secure as well as to enable new features.

No Contracts

You can take over the administration of the software at any point in time.

Want to know more?

We welcome questions, suggestions and are open to supporting different software.