Open Source Alternative to SAP

ERPNext has been rated amongst top-performing softwares by GetApp based on verified buyer reviews. Over 5,000 companies have made themselves ready for the next generation of enterprise with ERPNext.


Accounting for every business

All the tools you need to manage cash flow in one place, right from recording transactions to summarizing and analyzing financial reports. It’s bookkeeping made easy.


HRMS And Payroll

ERPNext makes it easy and efficient to recruit and manage employees and attendance, track leaves and expenses, and handle onboarding, training and appraisals. Process payroll painlessly with configurable salary structures and personalized payslips.


Smart Cloud Manufacturing

An open source, modern cloud manufacturing ERP software that simplifies the production cycle, helps track material consumption, exhibits capacity planning, handles subcontracting, and more!


Modern Helpdesk

Reinvent your SaaS help desk today. ERPNext has everything you need to refine your customer support in one place — ticket management across multiple channels, process automation, SLA tracking, reporting and more.


Asset Management

ERPNext makes asset management painless — from purchase to perishment, IT infrastructure to equipment. Cover every branch of your organization, all in one centralized system. Use ample features jam-packed in a single tool to manage assets better.


Integrated Websites

A platform that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your web presence exactly the way you want in minutes.


Integrate with other Apps

Native integrations with apps thathelp you make the most of ERPnext, bring digitalization to your whole business despite your business size.

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Ready solutions

ERPnext can respond to vairous industries requirments without incurring in custom developement, bringing the costs of implementation to near zero.

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Sell Services Efficiently


Measure, manage and sell more with a comprehensive cloud solution to help you streamline retail management, track inventory, manage customers, and increase business profitability.

Sell Services Efficiently

Services Industry

Run your services business better with ERPNext. Know your leads and customers, set up subscription plans for your services, build rapport with regular customers using a loyalty program, manage and bill multiple projects, set up maintenance schedules and visits, and much more.

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Streamline Your Wholesale

Measure product usage and custom KPIs for every customer

Intelligently track order fulfillment, reduce incorrect inventory procurement, control stock levels, apply promotional schemes and simplify your distribution business. Set up and integrate your Amazon, WooCommerce, or Shopify account, and start selling your merchandise.

Move Beyond Legacy Tools


An open source, modern cloud manufacturing ERP software that simplifies the production cycle, helps track material consumption, exhibits capacity planning, handles subcontracting, and more!

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Data-Driven Healthcare Decisions


ERPNext is an open, modern, DIY ERP software for hospitals, clinics, and dispensaries.

Software Doesn't Need To Be Complicated


ERPNExt is open source, modern, DIY ERP software for educational institutes and schools. It helps schools of any size to manage students, teachers, courses, and academic programs with an interactive portal built on our platform out-of-the-box.

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Nonprofit, Pro-Good Work

ERP for Nonprofit's

Run your nonprofit organization smoothly by tracking members, memberships, volunteers, donors, and grant applications.

Manage Your Fields With an ERP


Manage your agriculture business with features for recording and tracking crop cycles, locations, diseases, and fertilizers.

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